Mission Products


The MPD was designed as a scuba and rafting version of the MPU, but with a blunt tip for prying and suit or raft puncture prevention.

The MPD is extremely light-weight and was designed to cut your way out of trouble or as general purpose blade available for any task. It is unobtrusive and can be worn in the included Kydex sheath anywhere; sleeve, leg, chest or around the neck until needed.

The MPD is made with our special blend of titanium, which has very superior wear resistance and is “thru-hardened” to Rockwell C 47, while still maintaining its flexibility.  This knife will never rust and is non-magnetic. 

The MPD is available in approximate 7” length, fully serrated, with a skeletonized handle. The MPD is small enough to stay out of the way until needed, big enough to get you out of life-threatening entanglements plus tough enough to stay that way over years of exposure

Optional handles include G10 composite material with titanium screws or braided cord wrap in your choice of color (ACU, Black, Blue&Red, Blue, Black&White, Desert Sand, Desert Tan, Bright Green, Multi Camo, Olive, Orange, Red, Red&White, Tan, Woodland Camo, Yellow&Black, or Yellow). 

Technical Data

Material - Titanium
Blade Length - 3.00"
Blade Thickness - 0.187"
Handle Length - 4.00"
Overall Length - 7.00"
Weight - 2.2 oz
Hardness - RC 47
LoMu - Yes
False Edge - No